Trying to create a campaign but i have issues

I am trying to create an automatic targeted campaign for our t-shirts

The first problem I have is only being allowed to add child items and not the parents, seems odd because we have 36000 variations and therefore child items.

How do I add all my child items to a campaign. By hand using amazons tool would take a week?

Also we have a daily budget of £100 and regardless how much this is set to the suggested bid is:

The t-shirts we sell are between £9.50 and £11.50 so we make between £3.05 and £5.00 a shirt

The suggested bid at £2.54 is massive and we would’nt make any money out of this as we cannot guarantee that we get a sale. If it was a guarantee of a sale we would still struggle

Why would Amazon think we could afford £2.54 on a click on an item that we might only make £3.05? and probably will not get a sale anyway?



I’m not sure about the child items, maybe someone else could help you on that.

Regarding the bidding - the Amazon SB is rarely accurate. Depending on the search traffic on the keyword (you will know from your keyword research) you could start at £0.2 - £0.6. On average I find that I get a CR of around 5-10 clicks to a sale - but I’m sure you’ve got your data. Start low on the bidding and if you get no impressions then add £0.1 every day until you get some bites.

Hope I could help

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Use a ‘Bulk Upload’ file. You can get a blank template from the advertising section.

If many are similar you will end up competing against yourself for the advertising, unless you’re extremely careful with your keywords.
A manual campaign will prevent you from using duplicate keywords in the same as group, but using auto keywords you could easily end up paying the maximum bid for every ad click.
Your biggest ad competitor would be your own other products.

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