Transfer of account ownership


my UK Amazon account was proved being a UK resident because I had physical UK address but now I want to transfer my company ownership to my friend there that really lives in that place/address at companies house. So will it be feasible to transfer the ownership completely and then verifying on Amazon account?

I want to transfer because in the email it says that they can re verify in the future, so should I transfer the LTD ownership to the actual person or should I close the current account and reform the amazon account on that person’s details?

Whoever is the beneficial owner also has the corresponding potential liabilities for tax and compliance. It very much depends on who actually owns and benefits from it a well as the potential value of the current account.

You can make him a director and then reform the details on Amazon. However, if you do wish to hand over everything completely including shares.

Seller accounts are not generally transferrable and selling them is prohibited you will need to contact Amazon and enquire. He will need to create a new seller account under same entity in this case.