Track your FBA shipments from China with reliable ShipTrack carriers

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Starting August 21, 2023, if you use a non-partnered carrier to send your FBA shipments from China to the US, you can choose one of our ShipTrack carriers, which automatically provide end-to-end tracking information in Seller Central.

ShipTrack carriers are vetted third-party providers that offer reliable tracking information. Using ShipTrack carriers helps us predict when your shipment will arrive at our fulfillment centers and generate more accurate estimated delivery dates for customers.

Better shipment tracking also helps you to make informed replenishment decisions and reduce your overstock cost and understock loss.

When you use a ShipTrack carrier, information on your shipment’s progress is automatically provided to Amazon and available on the Shipment Summary page.

For a list of ShipTrack carriers for your China-to-US shipment, go to the shipment creation workflow on Send to Amazon, and in the “Select carrier” drop-down menu, select “Or use your own carrier”.

By the end of 2023, ShipTrack carriers will also be available for FBA shipments from China to Japan and the EU.

For more information, go to Send to Amazon: ShipTrack carrier.