Tools for Amazon


I am really straggling with the current payment reports on Amazon. Obviously we receive payments for certain time intervals ( usually 14 days) Are there any tools in the market which let’s say would help me to select that settlement period and see a break down by total orders, refunds, reimbursements values and let say when you press that total refund or reimbursement amount for that settlement period it would show you a transaction view.
Also it would be interesting to hear how do you handle orders management. I mean, let’s say you invoiced orders for particular time interval. You got the total profit and etc for that interval, put the final number into your system and then after two weeks actually that number is completely different because of refunds you received for that time interval. Or opposite example is reimbursements you receive in the current settlement which are for the orders from the last settlement. I just would like to listen what kind of tools, systems you using? Especially , I am interested to hear how businesses(which main activity is not Amazon) deal with Amazon reports and management and integrate them into their current systems
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Are you talking about your Amazon Payments account or the regular Seller Central disbursements?

I am using the Date Range Reports feature in the Seller Central to generate reports reflecting a specific period:{“sortOrder”%3A"DESCENDING"};search:undefined;pagination:1;