Today I ran my first PPC campaign

and I got around 4200 impressions, and only 7 clicks - no sales.

I ran pretty much every keyword I could find just to get an understanding of what gets most traction.

I only had £10 daily budget on there…

Anybody able to help me improve on this, and offer suggestions?

Also - when i set a sales price - Amazon want to charge me more on their referral fee. Is there any way around this? Surely they should charge their fees based on the actual sales price no?

Many thanks


Ignore impressions. If you appear on page 297 of search results you get an impression but will never get a click for it.
7 clicks with no sales - maybe thats normal for your item. Depends what the buyer is looking for and how relevant your item is.
There can be dozens or hundreds of clicks between sales or maybe every other click is a sale. Cannot be certain.
7 clicks I’d not expect much chance of a sale on my company’s stock.

Just had a quick look at one of our larger campaigns, 317 clicks - 168,000 impressions - 8 sales.
Thats 160 ads in the campaign and 8 keywords.
Its not the highest return campaign, not too bad.

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