To sell branded things from BnM, home bargains for example aftershaves/body lotions/ deodorants ect will I have to ungrate every single individual brand?

I have just made a new seller account …

Lynx, Adidas, dove ect ect

Everything is restricted

Same with toys , actually pretty much everything ?

Who’s to say?

I noticed one of my listings was inactive. It seems I needed to request approval for a brand that I’ve been purchasing directly from the manufacturer for years.

So, I requested approval.

I’m usually approved for whatever I request, based on my track record as a seller. The same could happen to you over time.


A lot of brands will auto ungate or you just need to watch a video and answer some questions but big brands like Adidas etc will need 10 items and an invoice…but not from a shop like b&m. When I first started I literally scanned everything in my house to auto ungate a few things and save time once out and about

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Don’t try and sell Dove they will report it to Amazon. They do it all the time.

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I do PL so this isn’t my area of expertise, but I think you have pretty much no chance buying Adidas, Lynx etc from B&M and selling on Amazon at a decent profit. If it were that easy thousands of people would be doing it.

As far as I’m aware you’ll need to be ungated for any major brand like the ones you mentioned (all separately, and often not for their whole range at once). To do this you’ll need to buy from a wholesaler / distributor, even then I think you’ll likely have major problems.


don’t waste your time and money, mate! Many have tried, and failed! Including me and my best mate… there is no way you can make this work. I would advise trying to get ‘distributor’ paperwork on a branded product, or go into private label goods… that’s my half penny!!

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Appreciate the valuable input!

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