Title and bullet points length

Quick question: when writing your title and bullet points is there a guideline of how short is too short and how long is too long?

No really good answer for that, sorry.

Just have to do your homework on that and see how the product will index. Make changes as needed plenty of experimentation.

Hello @Kayla,

Amazon has clearly defined guidelines for creating Product Detail pages.

  • Limit product titles to 200 characters (can vary by category). Titles should be concise. Amazon recommends fewer than 80 characters. There is a specific structure and other requirements. See the Product title requirements for specific information and tips.

  • Bullet points should be used to sell features and benefits of your product. They are descriptive text about specific aspects of a product, A general piece of advice is to keep your bullet points under 1,000 characters in total i.e. for all five bullets, not per bullet.

  • Add descriptive details about your products. Following Amazon’s standards for detail page descriptions and product images will also make it easier for buyers to compare your product with similar products in the Amazon catalog.

Because each category has slightly different requirements, you should download the Product page style guide to learn the basic style guidelines that apply to all categories.

*Most people know that I’m a huge Amazon shopper. When I see tall thouse “kitchen sink” redundant titles I don’t waste my time trying to figure out what the product is, I skip right over them. Take the keywords you want to put into the title and work them into your bullet points, because they are also searchable.