This product exceeds your FBA capacity limit for Standard-size storage

Hi all.

I am new to selling FBA on Amazon. It’s been a struggle trying to figure it all out. My product is finally ready to ship from China and now I’m getting an error saying “This product exceeds your FBA capacity limit for Standard-size storage” However, I’m only attempting to ship 5 total boxes which is exactly 15cf !

Any advise is appreciated!!

Have you set up your product correctly? Are the dimensions correct?

Have you double and triple checked?


It would be in your best interest to have it shipped directly to you.

Then you can inspect the product and make sure it is correct. If they send junk to amazon the fallout might possibly get you into legal trouble and booted from amazon.

If you are cutting the profit that close or don’t really want to do any “manual labor” you will not last long.

Its best to clearly define your end game, if you are serious and want a real business you need to work at it. Trusting others with something that is critical to your success is extremely bad.


The 5 boxes do not exceed the 15cf…that’s the issue. I’m within my limits but still getting the error. Each box weighs 29 pounds and holds 50 items.

This is the error I get. Only allows one box:

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to ship boxes of products into my location and I don’t have a warehouse.

You have a place to live?
Adapt and improvise.
A very long time ago we were doing $M USD a year out of my house… 24 years later I am still in business.

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I don’t doubt what you are saying however you need to understand that you are dealing with computers.

If somewhere in the setup of the product, you have entered the wrong dimensions, the computer will simply use that data and will invariably give the wrong answer.

As I said, have you double and triple checked EVERYTHING in the product and shipping setup date? Somewhere there is an error.

Or you simply have not been assigned any space. Check the capacity monitor in your shipment page. Click on it and see what it says.


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Did you subscribe to a professional profile? I experienced it while using an individual account. I had to switch and pay the 39.99 monthly thereafter my storage capacity was increased.

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You need to improve IPI so that Amazon will increase your monthly storage limit.

For now ship rest inventory to 3pl Center for inventory storage.

Try to improve sales ranking.

Feel free to ask regarding Amazon fba private label ppc ranking services.

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I just checked the product which you are selling and it seems to me that Amazon is preventing you from sending more units of this product due to its low estimated sale probability.

Previously, there used to be per-ASIN limits, determining how many units of a products you could send in.

The product has a poor non-white image showing the product surrounded by various other products.

Also, it is a silicone freezer storage tray, therefore it can take some space.

Most likely, Amazon determined that you are making a bad decision and wishes to prevent you from over-stocking a badly selected product.


Thank you @Kika, I think you are right.

Better advice than useless Seller Support :smile:

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