This is why you shouldn’t pay for any guru courses


I would like to share my experience with you as a cautionary tale. I have paid thousands of dollars for a good idea of what to sell on Amazon. Got the product manufacturered and sent to Amazon. I hired a company to do PPC and keyword research for 8000 for 6 months to get me selling like my competitors who are doing really well.

I think I got scammed as I haven’t been on page 1 for months now and communication is terrible with them. My husband will no longer give me 1000 per month for storage fees and ppc which iv been paying for months. He wants Amazon to just destroy all 1000 of my product. Devastating to me to do that. We will be out about 60 grand total.

What can I do? I know I have a great product I see on helium 10 how great competitors are doing and mine is much better. I’m at a loss at what to do. My husband is also not going to spend 3000 to have them shipped to me.

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Sorry to hear that. It’s heartbreaking to see this post since you’re very passionate about your product. At this point, you need to change your strategy. It’s better to find a better company and be strategic with your remaining money while you’re having this situation. If you can ship your stocks at your home for a while do it to be more cost-efficient. Also, have a serious discussion with your husband, you both need to be in the same mindset in this so that you can help each other out.


With how many units you started and how much daily you are spending on PPC?

Stop paying them until they don’t prove their expertise.

How many units still you have in stock?


Have you considered using a company like Ezi Returns? You can remove your stock from Amazon into one of Ezi Returns’ warehouses and then you can choose what to do with your stock. See here:


I have a potential solution for you based on my experience. If your husband can allocate a bit more budget, consider hiring an influencer to promote your product on their social media accounts. When you start getting sales outside of Amazon, the Amazon algorithm will automatically boost your ranking, leading to more organic sales. Alongside this, run Amazon PPC campaigns with a modest budget (you can handle this yourself without hiring anyone).

Furthermore, TikTok marketplaces are currently very trending and has too much lower in competition, with many people making purchases through TikTok. You should take advantage of TikTok selling, as it won’t incur any additional costs. Creating a TikTok seller account is free. List your product on TikTok seller and choose the influencer commission option. This means you only pay the influencer a commission when a sale is made, making it a cost-effective strategy. (you will not bear additional cost of tiktok selling)


It is alot of money however, it could be way worse than that.
Might try to find a liquidator and sell them the entire lot, however if its in FBA centers you will lose money on the shipping. Not sure if this will have a positive outcome. Without seeing the product you will never get advice that is worth considering. Every item has different dynamics that drive the decisions made.

Your husband might be 100% correct, he is not full of emotion making the decision. I know exactly how you feel about this, you are not alone. However, just step back a few feet and toss the emotion out and re-group.

Keep in mind that lots of shady issues exist with both online marketplaces, for one, they let their employees sell. Highly doubt they have any ethics policy in place that can be enforced. By that I mean, an employees “friend” is selling something and could use some help :wink: :wink: :wink:

I track my competitors and we have one that appears to be getting insider help from ebay. How can I prove that, I can’t and they know it so it continues on.

Also, have a professional look over your marketing. All those amazon and ebay “specialists” don’t know crap other than how to BS people. So find a real marketing company that you can sit down with and do a face to face with and add their information into your solution.


You could try to sell product at a heavy discounted rate. Let the sales grow organically then slowly increase price.

Ofcourse without PPC.
Ofcourse without Guru

All the solid help you need is available for free


Yeah, I’ve checked out loads of guru courses, but I decided to start fresh and just look around on forums for advice. Seems like it was a good move. Wishing you success in sorting things out!