Thinking about using prep by Amazon


I am using Amazon FBA and have been putting each product into plastic bags and labeling them. Now I am considering having Amazon pack and label them instead.

Currently I am just throwing all the different asins in a big box without any logics. Can I do the same if Amazon bags and labels them? Or do I need to sort them somehow?

What are your recommendations?

If you opt for Amazon to pack and label your products, you can still group different ASINs together in a box. However, it’s a good practice to clearly label the boxes with the ASINs they contain to maintain organization and ease of tracking. This can help streamline your FBA process.

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Don’t make it complicated, amazon will not take care about that.

Best practice is to label all the items by yourself and pack them separately in different cartons.

Create case pack shipping template and ship your inventory separately for each ASIN.

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If you have Amazon pack and label your products, you do not need to sort them in any particular way. Amazon will sort them by FNSKU when they receive them at the fulfillment center.