Thinking about FBA

Hi people looking to start FBA but need everyone to keep it real. Are people really making good PROFITS through FBA I’m talking over £3000 profit? Is FBA difficult to do? What’s your experience? Best route to take with FBA?

  1. you can make decent money doing very little work, depends on how much you invest to begin with, how many mistakes you make, and how much time you want to give it.

  2. if 3k per month profit is your goal it will probably take 2 years depending on investment. To make 3k profit a month you probably need to be selling 20-25k worth of goods a month.

  3. Best route to take is just start and give it a go, Ideally you would want to start with 1-2k to make the initial returns worth it enough to keep you going.


Hi @Namlisu

I was a pioneer on the FBA platform. In five years our business grew by 920%. It put us in the top 10% of Amazon sellers. I bought a brand new Ford F150 Texas Edition truck because I could make the payment with less than one days sales.

Is there a financial reward to the program? I’d say so. We also worked long hours.

Start with Seller University Get started with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Selling on the FBA platform is a complex process. Without knowing what you are doing, these can go down very fast.


Yes you can make Money when you choose a profitable products and your Selling Strategy is Good . Many Beginners Quit because he has less Knowledge and Fearing.
You can easily make a profit of three thousand pounds.

if you want to start i Give you Right Path and profit making Products


Is August a good time to send inventory ahead of Christmas ?


Hi @Namlisu,

Right now we are working on Halloween. For Christmas, I’d wait until October. I wouldn’t want to pay all those storage fees for seasonal products.