The ultimate question - which factor of the three drives organic listing result?

So I’ve been puzzled for over a year now, watched numerous videos and read various forum threads and listened to a lot of other sellers but could never get a solid answer. Of the three common answers which is in everyone’s experience the ultimate driving force for a top page organic result. Is it:

1: PPC CLICKS ( hundreds of paid clicks but with low conversions rates )
2: SALES Sheerly a numbers game the number one seller appears number one simple.
3: the more common answer in 2019 CONVERSATION RATE. ( high click thru and sale rate low acos)

PPC clicks seems reasonable amazon are making money without any logistics any involvement there end and earning an increased margin for storage you could say win win.

Sales of course seems logical and yes it’s rare to find sellers selling minimal units and appearing high but I still from sellers ratings can easy see it’s not as simple as that. There can be underperforming items organically ranked next to high performing items.

Conversation rate : seems to make sense amazon say well we know we can make the money from the ppc campaign and we know this product more times than none converts to a sale and again a 7-16% fee is applied so it’s a double result. But then having to keep the acos at a low rate means being shrewd with advertising where as wild PCC clicks are profitable for amazon regardless of the sale.

As you can see 12 months on I genuinely am no closer to an answer that when I began. I know ultimately it lies with computer alygarthams that know one publicly knows but has any one noticed any thing interesting? Anyone done there own little experiments to try and un ravel the mystery?

Apologies for poor spelling and grammar I know it’s a real big bear for some people. So sorry I did try.

In my opinion it’s down to relevancy:

  1. Ensuring your bidding on relevant keywords and that are present in the title
  2. CTR and Conversion rate for these keywords
  3. Sales Velocity
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In my opinion, the top factors in getting high organic ranking are a high conversion rate supported by high sales. A high conversion rate shows Amazon that customers who find your product are likely to buy it, and high sales show Amazon that the product is being found by the right type of customer.

There can be some variation of course, as a product may have a high conversion rate (for example 50%) but may have only have had 2 views, so therefore only 1 sale. I don’t think this product would rank higher organically than a product that has a conversion rate of 2%, but has many more sales.

High PPC clicks but low sales shows that your product isn’t desirable to the customer for whatever reason, or is being shown to the wrong customer, so this would have a negative impact on organic ranking I believe.

@Fergie_123 made an interesting point about relevancy as well - which is important. If the right customer is seeing the product, they’re more likely to buy it, so Amazon will show it to customers that are similar (based on their algorithms), who are also more likely to then buy it, and the cycle continues.