The top 5 reasons you're struggling to make money on Amazon

Many of our resellers need to know this!

The top 5 reasons you’re struggling to make money on Amazon

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1/ No one knows you

:+1: Smart sellers are on Twitter or in Discord groups making friends & putting themselves out there

:-1:Failing sellers think they can do it all on their own & don’t understand the value of community

2/ You don’t know how to find items

:+1: Winning sellers start by looking at what other successful sellers already sell. This teaches them their fav brands & sites

:-1: Losing sellers try to click aimlessly around websites hoping to find something

3/ You’re “too good”

:+1: Those who put in the elbow grease driving to scan items with SellerAmp and leverage FBM win

:-1: The sellers who think they’re too good for that and try to skip steps always grow slower

4/ You’re buying the wrong items

:+1: Buying items that are increasing in sales rank and seller counts are dropping

:-1: Struggling sellers buy items sold by the brand, increasing in sellers, or without any discounts

5/ Your arsenal is wrong

:+1: Winning sellers get the basics: SellerAmp, Keepa, and a repricer

:-1: Slow sellers try to save themselves money and cost themselves a ton of time, or overinvest in expensive tools

I can almost guarantee that the only thing holding you back from $10k/mo on Amazon is YOU…

Go buy something profitable today

Thank you for sharing the helpful tips @Muhammad :slight_smile: