The product you are trying to sell is Transparency enabled

Hey folks!

I’m hoping someone can advise me on what to do in this issue.

I‘m about to update my product info in SC system, however it shows here “Transparency Enabled”

Any ideas on how to fix this, guys?

Transparency enabled means that the product has been enrolled in Amazon Transparency. You should stay away from that listing and delete it from your inventory asap.

It most cases, this is a private label product, from an Amazon-only brand and you will be asked to enter Transparency barcodes when fulfilling any orders.

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What is Transparency?
Transparency is an Amazon Brand Protection service that uses secure, unique codes to identify individual units, stop counterfeits from reaching customers, improve customer engagement and give brands valuable insights to help optimise supply chains.

The badge indicates to customers that the product is authenticated before being shipped, symbolizing a commitment to protect customers from counterfeit products. For ASINs that qualify, the badge will appear in the Additional Details section on the Product Detail page.

Unless you have permission directly from the brand and Transparency barcodes, I agree with @Kika to stay away.

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