The Premium Navigation Carousel has been updated for a better customer experience

Announcement reposted from Amazon US:

We’ve redesigned the Premium Navigation Carousel module so that brands can access it within the A+ Content Manager and your listings are clearer and more appealing.

Brands can use the module to do the following:

  • Show different use cases for products in your catalog
  • Upsell products that may be of greater value
  • Show different angles and uses of the product.

The module has been updated to include clickable tabs that are highlighted in a translucent overlay on the image.

In the mobile experience, customers can click the redesigned tabs or swipe horizontally on the image to navigate through elements in the carousel.

In the desktop experience, customers can click the redesigned tabs or arrows to navigate through the carousel.

Go to the Premium A+ Module Guide for specifications and go to A+ Content Manager to get started.

Note: The Premium A+ Module Guide is only available in English.