The opening of a European account through Sell Globally in a North American account

Guys, could you please advise on the fundamental difference between registering a European account on the same email as the North American account versus using separate emails and then linking them?

I don’t understand the advantages/disadvantages of each option.

Here are a couple of benefits of using different emails and then linking the accounts:

If you can’t get a one-time password (OTP) for one account (which has happened to others), you can sign in to the other account and switch to the one you want. This way, you avoid the hassle of not getting an OTP for weeks.

Here’s what happened to me: I had a European account with one email and a US account with another. When my buyer account got suspended, my seller account was also locked because it was under the same email. So, I logged into my other account with a different email and switched to the suspended account from there. It worked out!

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