The more I read the more confused I get on which business model to persue

I want to start out slowly with about $1000 and will only have 10-15 hrs weekly to put into this now. Eventually in a couple years, once my kids are in school I would like to quit my job and be able to make at least 30k annually to replace my current salary. I’ve seen suggestions for OA but I’ve read a lot of conflicting information on how easy it is to get in trouble with Amazon for not having the correct invoices.

Also, when starting out do you have items sent to yourself to ship to customers directly or to Amazon?

I’m very new to this so any help or info is appreciated.

With a limited budget and time availability, starting with Online Arbitrage (OA) or Wholesale (Ws) could be good options. However, it’s important to do thorough research and understand the requirements and potential risks involved.

For OA, you’ll need to source products from online retailers and have them shipped directly to customers or Amazon for fulfillment. It’s crucial to ensure you have legitimate invoices to comply with Amazon’s policies. Take your time to find reliable suppliers and understand their invoice requirements.

If you have concerns about invoices and compliance, Wholesale (Ws) might be a better fit. You’ll work with authorized distributors or manufacturers, who can provide you with proper invoices.


You can do online arbitrage and retail arbitrage with that budget.

On amazon, there are 2 shipping methods available for this:

FBA (Fulfilment by amazon) means amazon will ship to customers directly.

FBM (Fulfilment by merchant) means you ship to customer address by yourself


We teach RA if you think this is what you want to do. Here’s a link to our FB group Ultimate Retail Arbitrage. We also have paid mentorship if that’s a route you want to take.