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Jonathon from Tarrant Toolbox here. My partner Todd and I have been selling on Amazon for about 8 years now, and we’ve seen most all of the ups and downs that this crazy Amazon world can throw at you. It’s not always fun, and we know that. As seasoned sellers we are here to help people learn how to take care of their listing, and account health. Both topics are vital in creating and maintaining a successful Amazon business. As sellers, we are primarily RA based, but as service providers we offer value to all types of Amazon sellers.

We used Tarrant Toolbox for several years to help with our listings. Recently the owner had decided to retire the business, and we really didn’t want to lose this service. So… We bought it! Now we’re in the process of updating, innovating, and adding to the already provided services with an account maintenance department.

Our agenda on Seller-Forum is primarily to help others in their Amazon journey with good advice based off of actual experience. If we can help someone save time and better their profits with one of our services, that’s a bonus! Bottom line is, we’re real sellers with a real passion to help others. We have experience battling it out as new sellers, all the way to building a 7 figure operation. Any and all questions are welcome! :smiley:

Here is a link to our service and product website. We plan to innovate our platform strongly over the next few months so check back for updates!



Hello @TarrantToolbox,

welcome to the forum, hoping to see you providing insight and information to sellers about various tools.

There is a special category dedicated to questions about third party services and software.

Many sellers need guidance with using Helium 10, Keepa, SellerAmp, Jungle Scout and similar:

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Thanks for the warm welcome @Kika! I am happy to help out anyone I can! Curious to what all I can post as far as links go. I tried to post a pdf link and got the error. Then I tried the png as suggested, but the same thing. I have videos and pdf’s that I share in our FB groups that I would be happy to post in here if capable.

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I have seen your PDF in an earlier post without issues. Any link or embedded video should work.

Also, feel free to invite any Amazon Seller friends you have to participate here.

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I will for sure! Glad to know the pdf showed correctly :pray:

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