Tarrant Toolbox - a listing and account maintenance service

Hey there FBA sellers, Jonathon from Tarrant Toolbox here. I want to let you know that we are currently opening our Account Maintenance beta group up for 10 more clients. You can start for as little as $150, below is a list of services we offer. By the way, we charge by subscribing to blocks of hours, not per service. All services we provide are available to use as you see fit, this way you get a lot more value for your money.

Listing Management:

  • Creating New Listings
  • Fixing Orphaned Listings
  • Creating New Parent Listings

Account Maintenance:

  • Correct Stranded Inventory
  • Fix Suppressed Listings
  • Review Unfulfillable Items
  • Update Listings
  • Review Shipping Queue
  • Hide Restock Recommendations
  • Open Return Cases
  • Deleting Product Listings
  • Opening Cases for Excessive Inventory Removal No Longer in Sellable Condition
  • Filing Safe-T-Claims
  • Review Feedback
  • Review Case Logs
  • Review Unauthorized Disposal Orders
  • Background Removal
  • Review Customer Messages
  • Additional Tracking Sheets

If you find yourself needing any of these tasks done, just reach out here, through email, or join our free FB group. I also schedule zoom consultations. Mention @Kika for a chance to get 1 free hour added on.

Disclaimer: At this time, we are only capable of working in accounts using the English language. We have aspirations to explore expansion into other languages down the road.

Website: https://tarranttoolbox.com/

FB Group: Tarrant Toolbox FB

Email: [email protected]


Congratulations to Tarrant Toolbox for opening up the Account Maintenance beta group! This is a great opportunity for FBA sellers to get expert help with their listing management and account maintenance needs. With services like creating new listings, fixing orphaned listings, and correcting stranded inventory, it’s can help and save time and money.


Thank you so very much @AishaNoor, that means a lot!! We are definitely a people over profits company. I built this system myself to achieve two main goals, other than providing expert service at affordable rates, and that’s transparency mixed with excellent communication. If you like helping people find legit service providers, and you need service for yourself, reach out to me with a pm for an opportunity to earn free hours of service.


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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