Switching from FNSKU into manufacturer barcodes

Hello everyone.

Looking to expand my PL products into other Amazon marketplaces internationally. Currently I’m using Amazon barcodes (FNSKU).

Is it worth changing to manufacturer barcode, for ease of moving stock around etc, as I presume I would need to use a different FNSKU barcode in each country?

I can see my current FNSKU barcode setup could present problems if I need to split any stock etc.

Thoughts appreciated


are you able to switch into FNSKU barcodes at all? The option is disabled on most of my listings.

If yes, then using manufacturer barcodes can simplify stock management and distribution across different marketplaces. You won’t need to relabel products with different FNSKU barcodes for each country, which can make inventory operations easier.


Commingling is not a good idea, unless you are ready to receive back fake items


I agree with @masud530, it will take you more effort to print different barcodes for each country, but this is still better than commingling.

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