Suspended as unable to show delivery Proof

I buy my shipping through amazon for Royal Mail and use 1st class small parcel. My orders are all marked as shipped and none as marked delivered even 6 months on?
I had a couple of A-Z claims and my account was temp suspended and i have to show proof of delivery.
I have included a list of all tracking/reference numbers for recent orders as i could see the shipping labels amazon generated but there are no further tracking numbers added by amazon to the customers order

, ive added an action plan to show i will use a different courrier in future as it seems royal mail are not scanning parcels. Ive learnt i should have asked them to scan when dropping off to at least have some back up myself to show ive left them there. An item 2 weeks ago i know is delivered as i spoke to the customer outside of amazon , when i go to royal mail track and trace and add the reference number its not marked as delivered? I know 1st class small parcel is not a fully tracked service but it always says when it is delivered when you add the number or it used to last year when i was selling with Etsy and would try track.
I am submitting all the information i have , i am explaining why to my knowledge its not updating and why i cant show proof of delivery and i have had same response to my appeal 10 times.
Ive acknowledged where i have gone wrong and said what i will do going forward to prevent this but no, same response each time.
How can i provide proof of shipping for labels bought through amazon for royal mail if neither side are updating tracking / status ?

I am lost and dont know what else to do


Hello @Morgan8080,

thank you for posting into our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to proof of delivery issues. In this case, all you need to do is insert the tracking numbers directly into the relevant orders and then let Amazon know to review it.

If you bought shipping from Amazon and tracking was not automatically entered, you will need to do it.

If no tracking updates are being shown, then I would recommend you to create a PDF file containing the labels and then provide it to Amazon.


There isn’t a way to enter now for the past shipped ones, once amazon generate the label there is not an option to add anything to the order?
I have about 15 orders i managed to have the non trackable IDs for which i have on a spreadsheet. I have the IDs but not the labels as you cant re-generate them.

next to shipped orders it says ACTION then underneath you can click on Upload invoice , Edit Consignment , Print Packing Slip or Refund Order . No way to ever add a tracking ID.

rejected again my plan of action

You should be able to insert the tracking numbers after clicking on Edit Consignment.

Here is what it should look like:

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there is no action to do this , ill send photo . it only says print packing slip. This is due to the tracking ID not being automatically added by amazon

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I understand now. In this case, the solution is simple. Get an attorney to send a letter to Amazon explaining what happened and requesting a reinstatement.

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Well spoke to Amazon for help and said I need to address the policy violation for ODR and VTR and refunding

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Need further detail and more of a plan to show what I’ll do to rectify it in future

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Unfortunately, since you refunded all of your orders, even though you insist they were shipped, this will be impossible to address in a Plan of Action at the same time.

A formal letter to Amazon containing the proof of shipment / purchase of postage from Amazon should work.


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Okay, let me know once you have any news

I could just do with help with an action plan / appeal that covers everything

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Unfortunately, the fact that you refunded all the orders for which Amazon requested proof of postage deems any appeal illegible. Amazon has very detailed guidelines for processing appeals. You need an independent real human to review your matter (who is not bound by all the guidelines).

So you can’t help ?

Is there a way of raising a complaint to get my case looked at

Try posting on Twitter and tagging @AmazonSellerHelp, this way you will get attention from the executives.

I’ll do that but can u not help me with a different POA if this isn’t working ? Please

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As already advised, it is not possible to appeal a case like this, when you have already refunded the buyers for orders, where you have to prove shipment and delivery.