Suspended account

I’m from Brazil. I have an Amazon account here in Brazil for 4 months. Now open an account for my wife. My account has been suspended and hers, you can help me

Suspensions due to the use of multiple seller accounts without a prior permission from the Seller Performance are no different than any other suspension.

You should have read the rules before selling anything. The Amazon Policy regarding Prohibited Seller Activities clearly states that operating multiple seller accounts is prohibited:

You will need to write a Plan of Action and then appeal, either through the Seller Central or by e-mailing [email protected].

The Plan of Action should include:

– The root cause(s) of opening multiple accounts on
– The actions you have taken to resolve your multiple accounts
– The steps you have taken to prevent the continuation of having multiple selling accounts going forward

This will only work if you haven’t received the dreaded “we may not respond to additional e-mails” response already.

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