Suspended account - unable to withdraw funds

hello guys. my account is suspended since 6 th of July and I still can’t withdraw my balance. what should I do? thanks

I’m sorry to hear that your account has been suspended. It sounds like you were suspended due to authenticity issues, otherwise they would have already released you the funds.

Could you post the original suspension notice here, to see what happened?

Your request has been received. However, it cannot be completed at this time.

Why is this happening?
Your account has been linked to the listing or sale of inauthentic items. The sale of counterfeit products is prohibited and your funds may be withheld if it is determined that your account has been used to sell inauthentic or infringing items.

How do I demonstrate authenticity?
In order to prove the authenticity of your items, please send documents such as invoices or brand authorization letters. Your appeal should address all of the inauthentic listings and policy violations associated with your account. Details about all of your specific inauthentic listings and policy violations can be found in your email or by viewing the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central: .

A plan of action is not necessary and there is no required format for your appeal. Please submit documents such as:
– Invoices.
– Brand authorization letters.

Then it’s clear. Amazon will not release the funds unless you prove them your item’s authenticity by supplying valid invoices.