Suspected IP Complaints that won’t go away

In December, I received some Suspected IP Complaints. I was directed by an Account Health Specialist to just delete the ASINs. This worked. I then tried the same with 7 Suspected IP violations I received recently, and only 1 violation got deleted.

I called support and they said since it’s a repeat violation, deleting won’t work. Now I’m stuck with 6 Suspected IP Complaints on my account which has brought my Account Health down to 160. I do have the option to “acknowledge” which account health says will take these off my account - but my next violation could result in a suspension.

Any advice here?

Hello @LPPSA,

recently, I have been seeing this as well. Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints used to be harmless. However, recently Amazon started somehow marking them as “High importance” violations, in some very rare random cases.

My advice would be to “Acknowledge” these, so they disappear from your metrics. Otherwise, keep deleting any listings with Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints.