Suspected Intellectual Property Violation

Hi All

I have received notification from Amazon warning of ‘Suspected Intellectual Property Violation’ against 2 ASINS which are two variations of the same product. The reason stated is ‘Trademark Misuse’ for the trademark TENA. The product is a TENA branded product and I did not create the listing but it seems that when the listing was created, it has the brand name as ‘CHUMS’. I am not sure how to proceed with this, I do sell genuine TENA branded products but have no idea who ‘CHUMS’ are. I cannot change the brand name on the listing to TENA as it says that conflictes with CHUMS.

These are not importnat lisitngs to me, I have been on them as a seller for years without any problem but only ever sell an odd one. Can I just delete the product listings from my inventory, will that resolve the issue for me?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, the correct brand name needs to be entered in the listing’s Brand field, otherwise you will keep getting it removed.