Suspected complaints with high impact

This just isn’t good. I want to ask if I’m the only one but I have a friend who had “high” impact to a suspected infringement. This is a suspected trademark misuse.

When did these start carrying an impact to account health? I couldn’t fix the list…the trademark was in the brand and I didn’t have ability to do so.It was an old item I won’t have again so I deleted from my inventory as usual for suspecteds and the listing itself is now deleted, there were others on it.


These things go up to “High - Repeat Violation”. If you don’t care about the listing, delete it, and wait 5-15 minutes. Then you can click appeal and you will have a few tick boxes to check and then it will go away from account health. (Wait until there are several check boxes… if you see only one that asks you to confirm that you modified the listing, keep waiting)

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Guess I’ll have to wait 6 months as I responded with the confirm and tried appealing it. Thanks for the explanation. This is the only one in suspected so surprising to see the impact…unless it counts all check marks against me.

I just went back into it and those boxes were there now. I checked away and now it’s gone :slight_smile: