Suggested Bid now significantly higher

Over the last few months we’ve seen Amazon Advertising ‘suggested bids’ and alleged winning bid range increase significantly.

We’re seeing bids recommended at 4-6x more than before across a diverse range of products, with amazon alleging that the winning bid are now far higher than they used to be.

In some we’re even seeing Amazon claim ranges of £5-£22 PER CLICK for items that sell for £10-£30. This isn’t car insurance!

Either something isn’t right or we should be buying amazon shares ahead of a massive earnings increase.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes, we’ve seen (particularly in the US) ridiculous bids for products that aren’t priced nearly high enough to justify them. I just ignore bids like this - competitors for the keywords are clearly bidding too high and certainly don’t have the margins to sustain PPC bids like this. Bid according to your budget, and I recommend finding long tail keywords to bid for, rather than the single words. Long-tail keywords tend to be much more reasonable, with a higher conversion rate, but of course a lower amount of people search for them. :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping that it is just people bidding up for prime week. Think a lot of the chinese companies bid up the then get higher up the rankings