Struggling with adding books

Every book I attempt to add to my Amazon FBA inventory requires approval but when I click on request approval, it sometimes says it was approved but more often gives me an error message. It never goes into my inventory. It is now telling me I have to be on a desktop computer which I don’t have where I am attempting to list and pack my books. Why is this so hard? The videos I watch show folks just scanning and adding inventory quickly and if they need approval it seems to be easily accomplished.

Ok…… what browser are you using? I ask because I was experiencing error codes galore last week when I was adding products and it was making me CRAZY. I finally reached out to Amazon and they said their preferred browser is Firefox (I was using Chrome which they said is sometimes ok but can get a little buggy) and they said never use Safari. So, I downloaded Firefox simply for Amazon selling and I clear the browser history, cache, and cookies when I close out every time and I haven’t had any wonky errors or error codes since

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Login through your phones browser and set it to display desktop site