Strategy for improving sales

Hello I hope I’m not bothering with this question but…. I just started selling on amazon I have a FBA accounts but I want to start with FBM and I been doing some retail arbitrage and have some merchandise listed but I’m getting no sales?? And should I keep buying or stop buying since I’m not selling what I have ?? Hope you can really help me out

Are you scanning the products in store with something like seller amp,You just need to make sure the item sells,As a new seller you may not always get you share of the buybox if you are selling at the same price as the other sellers as the buybox will be split based on reviews etc if your price is the same,The only way you can compete is by price,But lowering your price may cause the price to tank as all the re pricers will kick in

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Research your products and see if they actually sell. Also check your listing against other listings of the same or similar products. Is your title or heading worded well to come up in search results?

Regarding buying more etc. That’s up to you. Can you financially hold onto the stock until it sells, or do you need funds as soon as possible? Can you afford more stock in the interim? Can you store more stock?

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