Stranded inventory

Hello guys, I need some help as Amazon are useless as usual…

I have 2 new listings and I have sent inventory last week into FBA, the units started to become available however thye became stranded as well, reason inventory error as you can see . I can’l do anything, on the right hand side drop down, I only have create removal order and refresh stranded reason… can someone help me sort this out ?

Thank you in advance !

This inventory error comes when your details on the backend is not completely filled. Just fill up all required attributes and then wait. Inventory will be available.

If you have already filled all attributes, but facing same error.

Then, copy your ASIN, go to catalogue, add products …put your ASIN, and click on sell this product.

Your inventory will be live and active.

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Delete the listing. Let it become Stranded and then create a new offer for the ASIN again to add the stock into inventory.

Thank you for advice, I have managed to sort it out, I had to download a flat file , fill up some details and upload it back, few minutes and inventory is live,if anyone encounters this and need help just pm’me and I’ll help with plesure.

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