Storage limits


has anyone received Amazon storage limits for November?

Amazon usually sends an email mid of the month but I still have not received mine.

Thank you

I received an email on the 23rd August but they were for September. I’m in the UK so I don’t know if where you are, you get them so far ahead.

It doesn’t bother me that they’re so late as I never get close but if I needed the space, the lateness would make it impossible to plan.

The capacity monitor does go until November but they’re not confirmed, as you know. The blurb on the page defines the displayed limits as:


Limits are confirmed in the third week of the month before the period starts. Once confirmed, limits are not expected to change.


This is an early indication of the capacity limit that we expect to provide. Estimates may vary with changes in your IPI score, and can go up if your sales outperform our forecast or down if we experience an unexpected change in our capacity outlook.


My current limits are fine. However, I suspect they’ll reduce them as we approach the Q4 season.

I’d prefer to prepare in advance.

Check your Capacity Monitor. September numbers are there, as are “estimated” Oct. Nov not yet available for most sellers.

Amazon isn’t sending Upcoming Capacity Limits emails anymore. Sellers are just supposed to check the CL Monitor on their own.