Status: Delivering

Wonder if anyone can shed some light on this please.

We created a campaign about 5 days ago on 3 products and the status is still showing as ‘Delivering’…still hasn’t changed to ‘live’.

Could this be down to our low daily budget or bid maybe?

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If its saying delivering then it means Ads are active. Does it show any spend on clicks ? If nothing has been spent yet, that means bid is low or for your “keywords” traffic is low. If its auto campaign then most likely bids are low. I will always start an auto campaign with high bids first and then let it run for few weeks or even a month. Then after that you can download ad reports and analyse whats working and whats not and plan ahead.

You can have a quick look at impression status for your campaign, that will give you idea how many times your ad has appeared.

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Many thanks for your helpful reply.

I think we have our bid set far too low. I’ll up it and see how we get on then.

The impressions are showing nothing - I think we have been push out by other sellers with higher bids…which is probably all of them :slight_smile:
Thanks again