Starting with Sponsored Products

I don’t have a structure I follow when I am creating campaigns for new items. Every time I open a campaign, I get confused about where to start. Which type of campaigns should I open? How many keywords, brands, and categories should be in each campaign? Should broad, phrase, and exact match types be in separate campaigns? Should there be unique campaigns, such as a campaign with keywords from other languages, if needed?

Can someone provide a list on how to structure it so I can follow it?

When creating campaigns for new items, here’s a simple structure you can follow:

Start with Automatic Targeting Campaigns to gather data.

Create Manual Targeting Campaigns and split them by match type (Broad, Phrase, Exact).

Consider separate campaigns for different brands or categories.

If needed, create unique campaigns for keywords in other languages.

Regularly monitor and optimize your campaigns based on performance data.


Start with either manual or automatic campaign. Do proper keyword research. Use Long tail and low competitive keywords.

After getting data the keywords which are performing well run them in phrase or exact campaign and keyboards which are not performing put them into negative.

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