Starting with Amazon arbitrage

Hi everyone,

I’m starting arbitrage should I apply ahead of time to get ungated for some brands or just go ahead and purchase then apply?

You’ll have to get a minimum of 10 items (all the same item) and submit an invoice (not a receipt) from a real supplier to get ungated. Even then you’ll need authorization from the brand to sell otherwise you gave getting an IP and getting deactivated. Many people get ungated then suffer deactivation by getting an IP. Being gated/ungated is an Amazon thing. Getting authorized from the brand is something else.

How does one go about getting permission from the brand?

For instance, everyone always talks about getting ungated in Nike. But, if you submit the invoice and get ungated, how do you then get the brands permission? Seems like everyone strives just to get ungated and rarely discuss getting permission.

Get approved before you buy to avoid returning products. Request approval while in store, sometimes you’ll get automatically approved. If it asks for invoices in the app put that product back and move on to something else. If it’s super profitable work on getting ungated once your back in the office then go back for the products once you get approved. The more approvals you get, the more auto approvals you’ll receive in the future.