Stainless steel jewelry requirements

Working on getting my Amazon store going with stainless steel rings. I know for fine jewelry there is a process to be allowed to sell jewelry. Would this pertain to stainless steel as well? Does anyone know?

there is no specific gating requirements for selling stainless steel rings on Amazon, unlike the more stringent requirements for fine jewelry. Stainless steel rings are typically considered fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, which has less stringent regulations compared to fine jewelry.

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Hi @Creative_Soul_Crafts

Using the Add Products function, I entered stainless steel jewelry and 60,669 options were displayed. Every one I looked at required Approval.

I did the same thing for stainless steel rings 73.392 listings were displayed. Every one I saw required approval.

I sell kid’s jewelry, none of which are considered fine. I had to get approval.

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