Sponsored Brands Video Ads Updating

:mega: New feature in the Sponsored Brands video ad campaign!

You can now feature 3 ASINs along with your video.

:one: Go to Sponsor Brands to create a new campaign
:two: Choose a landing page as your storefront
:three: Choose either your home page or any of your sub-pages

3 ASINs will automatically pop up in the creative section and you have the option to ‘change the product’.

The benefits of this feature:

:large_orange_diamond: Multiply your product exposure: this will increase visibility maximizing the chances of capturing the attention of potential customers, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately driving more sales.

:large_orange_diamond: Upselling/Cross-Selling: Pairing your video with three relevant ASINs opens up cross-promotion possibilities. You can strategically select complementary products or accessories that enhance the overall value proposition of your primary ASIN, encouraging customers to consider additional purchases.

Maybe help with the new product launches?

What are your thoughts? :thought_balloon:


Does Amazon offer the creation of videos or how are these videos made?

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yes you can add video in your Listing


you mean product video?



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Thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I have so many listings in my inventory that it wouldn’t make sense to create videos!