Sponsored ads shown in European markets?

Have been up and running for about a month. When I set up our UK seller account various European markets were also set up automatically (Fr, It, Ge, Sp). Since our one and only product is not really viable outside the UK I have set these other markets to ‘holiday mode’.

However, does that mean our PPC ads are not shown in those markets? Are they visible to the UK market only?

Just to be clear, I don’t want our ads to appear anywhere except amazon.co.uk . A clickthrough from one of the European markets would be a wasted click.

When you set other European markets to “holiday mode” in your Amazon Seller Central, it primarily affects the Buy Box eligibility for your product in those markets. However, this setting might not directly impact the visibility of your Sponsored Products ads.

Sponsored Products ads are usually managed separately from the holiday mode settings and are based on your ad campaigns’ targeting preferences and bid adjustments. If you want to ensure that your ads are visible only on Amazon.co.uk and not in other European markets, you should adjust your campaign settings accordingly.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Campaign Targeting: In your Sponsored Products campaigns, review your campaign targeting settings. Ensure that your campaigns are specifically targeting Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom) as the marketplace.
  2. Negative Keywords: You can also add negative keywords to your campaigns that are specific to the other European markets (e.g., French keywords for Amazon.fr, German keywords for Amazon.de, etc.). This will help prevent your ads from showing for search terms related to those markets.
  3. Ad Placement: Amazon’s ad platform will generally attempt to match your ads to relevant search terms and user behavior within your specified targeting. To optimize ad visibility for the UK only, focus on adjusting your targeting settings and utilizing negative keywords.

By setting up your campaigns to exclusively target Amazon.co.uk, using negative keywords, and aligning your campaign settings to your desired market, you can help ensure that your Sponsored Products ads are primarily visible to the UK market and not in other European markets where your product is not available or viable.