Sponsored ads behaviour


I’ve been running a campaign for a little while, around 1 year. This previously had 3 skus of similar products and the ad placement has been on page 1 from the start. I sometimes have 2 skus from the same ad showing next to each other.

I have a new product and I added the sku to the same campaign.

This is another very similar item (albeit a different brand) and has the same keywords in its listing. This one is also FBA whereas the others are not.

The ratio of impressions this product is getting is 1:50, ie the other skus are each getting 50 times more impressions than the new sku. If I’m lucky, it gets into page 4 or worse so few people find it.

Seller Support have been next to useless. 4 different people have been approached and chocolate teapot springs to mind.

It’s a big ask but does any have any ideas why this might be happening?

How relevant is the product to the others?