Sourcing techniques

Hello everyone,

what are the techniques or tools to easily find products and suppliers at low source price to sell on Amazon?


You don’t, what is left is chump change. If you do find something that you can source from a reliable and credible supply chain, your glory will not last long. Once some else sees that item selling you will enter the land of diminishing returns, this happens very quickly.

Only way I have found too make money the morally correct way is make your own products. As in you buy machines, raw material and perform manual labor.

One other way is to build some charity drop boxes and place them in strip malls where rich folks shop.

Local amazon peddlers around here were doing that until the property owners got tired of them just tossing the stuff out in the parking lot because they did not want it. All of them got the boot including the Goodwill box.

Another good way is to pay employees at the big box store a “finders fee”. When a shipment of sale items arrives they call you so you can clean out the stock. Since Christmas is near you can get some really good product if you are notified when the truck comes in. Home improvement stores will have combo boxes of power tools, you buy those and split the box up and sell them by the piece on amazon. That stuff is 30-40% off street price when the store uses it as a loss leader.


I’m with Skeeter on this one. Selling stuff on Amazon means you’ve got to roll with the market changes, fierce competition and deal with things that can chomp into your profits.

It’s a good idea to manufacture your own private label product and then boost your income by reselling wholesale items or capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities.


Thank you both for the heads up, I will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Use Alibaba, Thomasnet, Global Sources. Negotiate MOQ, price. Validate suppliers. Consider Jungle Scout, Helium 10 for product research.