Sourcing requirements for authenticity

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when doing online arbitrage to prevent trademark infringement, we have to source from authorized source. What does authorized source means? Is it direct purchase from the brand’s website?

Or any examples of authorized source for online arbitrage?


What it means is that you have to have to prove the product was originally sourced from the brand. Above 1 supplier from the brand will likely confuse Amazon. Authorized suppliers are usually listed by the brand or will show evidence that they source from the brand. This is the type of evidence Amazon tends to look for, making arbitrage tougher these days.


IP complaint and inauthentic claim are two different claims. Both are handled differently. Keepa is not bulletproof but def helps navigate through the trenches.

authorized sources for online arbitrage can include:

Brand’s official website or flagship stores.
Authorized distributors or wholesalers that have agreements with the brand.
Retailers listed on the brand’s official website as authorized sellers.
Authorized resellers with verifiable agreements from the brand.
Liquidation sales from authorized retailers.

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