Sourcing of products

I have created my LLC and joined Amazon seller. Is there a company that you use to source products like jungle scout? Also, when you find a supplier, do they just ship to Amazon or do they ship to you to repackage and ship to Amazon?

Sorry for being so unaware.

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We are authorized retailer for the USA manufactured product lines we carry. We also source RA (Retail Arbitrage} of popular products.

when you find a supplier, do they just ship to Amazon or do they ship to you to repackage and ship to Amazon?

Many sellers will say that’s OK to ship directly to Amazon. But, it’s not wise to immediately trust someone else to run your new FBA business. Amazon seldom gives second chances.


I don’t do RA, I value my account too much but remember that whatever tool/company you use, thousands of other will too. You’re better off using your own initiative to try and do better than others, not copy them.

Remember, if it really was as easy as clicking a mouse to get the right answer, we’d all be millionaires.


It is recommended that you already know what you are going to sell before you join Amazon. Without a private label product or a niche, you will have to be doing arbitrage (reselling new products purchased elsewhere).

As a newbie, you may get asked for invoices, which is why you must find legitimate wholesalers - on Google.

You can have the goods shipped to a prep-center, but it is recommended to prep yourself, this way you will also save a significant amount of money.


No worries, we all started somewhere! We’re mostly RA, and SellerAmp is a must for us when sourcing. There’s a whole lot to it if you’re just getting started. The main thing you want to be able to do is analyze product data to ensure better chances of buying faster moving profitable products. We have a whole course on RA sourcing if you find yourself interested in that style of sourcing. Let me know and I’ll give you a link. A lot of people say that paid courses are BS, but it worked for us. We paid quite a bit for courses over time and rose to 7 figures :+1: You have to work at it, but it can be a great business to build!

Wholesale and Private Label are whole different ball games there. You have to either have a great idea of winning products in the beginning, or have extra capital to fall back on if your products bust. These product models don’t have returnable inventory so you really need to study how to succeed here in my opinion. RA/OA has more room for error in the beginning from our experience. Reach out with any questions! We’re about to change up our free FB Group a bit and the name will be changing, but here’s a link for it Amazon Freeway

Update @holicka

You’ll find a link to our Ultimate RA Quickstart if RA sounds like it’s an interest to you. BIG HINT we will be starting a promo for this in the very near future and the price will be dropping tremendously! It’s only $47 as it is, which is a steal for all the info, but we’ll be dropping that way down. You can follow our group to keep up with the details.


Thank you everyone, this is very helpful :slight_smile:

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