Some questions before I start working on my first FBA shipment

Hello all,

I’m still doing research on retail arbitrage and came across a issue I may run into.

If I’m buying items from stores is a recipe good enough or do I need an invoice?

Also what tools will I need to prep my first shipment out to amazon?

That’s going to depend what day it is, and which way the wind is blowing? Invoices are preferred. Receipts are accepted, sometimes.

Also what tools will I need to prep my first shipment out to amazon?

Send/replenish inventory: Prepare your products for FBA shipping


I recommend you to start wholesale and purchase inventory from wholesaler or distributor

Recipe will not be accepted. Depends what you’re prepping, thermal labels printer, poly bags usually… ,stickers, tape, boxes…

Receipts will not get you ungated. Receipts become a problem with future IP complaints too because they do not prove authenticity. You can be successful doing retail arbitrage but focus on products you get auto-approval on, only shop in stores that list the brand and product on their receipt so you can use it for proof of ownership when Amazon loses your inventory. Also, check to see who the other sellers are and if the only one is the brand itself avoid that product because that will likely result in an IP violation.

As far as supplies needed, I have 2 thermal printers, one for barcodes and one for shipping labels. I bought the polono one on Amazon and still using it with no issues after a year.

You’ll need poly bags in various sizes, Amazon is cheapest. Cardboard boxes, Walmart is cheapest. Heat gun & store sticker scrapers, Amazon ones are perfect and cheap.

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Depends on how much you are sending in. You can prep everything yourself through seller central. Just get Avery 5160 address labels to label your units and a box to ship them and packing tape to shut up the box. You can get free shipping labels for your box on UPS website. You will need poly bags with warning labels as well as “do not separate” labels if you are sending in bundles.