Solving the Amazon Transparency barcodes issue

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share an important update regarding a recent issue with the “product authenticity complaint” related to the “transparency of the 2D barcode.”

I recently encountered a situation where a product, initially ungated for me, was suddenly gated by Amazon due to concerns about the transparency of the 2D barcode. They requested that I upload a list of transparency 2D barcodes in the Seller Center.

To resolve this, I found that the best practice was to request Amazon to physically check the product in their warehouse. Providing them with sufficient information and evidence helped in clarifying the authenticity of the product.

If any of you are facing similar challenges, I recommend reaching out to Amazon support and following this process. It’s crucial to ensure the authenticity and transparency of our products for the best customer experience.

Let’s keep our businesses compliant and trustworthy! 💼✅

Feel free to adjust as needed for your specific situation!

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What was the text of request you sent to seller central ?

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Nothing - the product is available for sale

I was asking what did you write when you opened the case with SC?

I asked them to physically check my product as it was in reserved and I attached the invoice, delivery details and order confirmation email too.