Small and Light FBA category

Can you transition existing FBA inventory to the Fast and Light or Small and Light, whatever it’s called, program?

I appreciate the advice!

Your inventory will automatically be enrolled in the Fast and Light program. But, any items that are more than $10.00 will be charged standard FBA rates.

Doesn’t appear that any Small and Light platform sellers are happy with the cost of these changes.


It was formerly known as the Small and Light program, but it has since been discontinued, and eligible SKUs should now be enrolled automatically. In this category, products priced under $10 and weighing less than 15 ounces are eligible. Amazon will apply reduced FBA fees.


@FunkyMonkey @PC_Parts Is there any way how I can locate all FBA listings which fall into this category in my account?


Both the FBA Inventory report and the Manage FBA Inventory report have the price of your units, and the cubic feet volume of one unit.


@FunkyMonkey Is every unit that is now a part of the new (small & light) program somehow labeled? Or does it apply to everything priced under $10?

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All the items that were part of the Small & Light program will automatically be enrolled in the Fast & Light platform.

There would be no need to relabel them. Amazon would just change the algorithm.

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