Signature panel

Please I do not understand the Signature panel. Do I have to log into my Seller Central Account to find the Signature panel ?

Where exactly is the Signature Panel located. Sorry to ask.


Can you please explain what you are referring to? I’m not aware of a signature panel for Amazon seller accounts.

are you trying to use a digital signature at Amazon’s request? there is a phishing scam around at the moment, please check again that you need to do this action?

Here is an email we have recently received… There is a PDF attached which when you try open asks you to enter Seller Central login username & password. Very dodgy!

“Seller Communication Centre - Changes Notice
From 1 February 2023 all communications through Amazon Seller Communication Centre must be digitally signed for a higher security.
If you do not digitally sign up your email with Amazon Seller Communication Centre until 1 February 2023, you will not be able to communicate with Amazon Buyers until your email will be digitally signed with Amazon.
If you have not already digitally signed your email with Amazon Seller Communication Centre please use the attached form to sign up.
The Amazon Seller Communication Centre makes communicating with Marketplace Buyers easy and secure.
Using the Seller Communication Centre, you can:
• View past communication with Marketplace Buyers on Amazon.
• Respond to Marketplace Buyers quickly and easily using the Reply option.
• Send files to Marketplace Buyers. File types supported are plain text (.txt), PDF, images (.jpg, .gif and .png), and Word documents in .doc and .docx format. The entire message shouldn’t exceed 10 MB (including attachments).
• Amazon reserves the right to delete or remove any attachment containing inappropriate content. Amazon reserves the right to decide what it considers inappropriate content.
• You can use any information the Marketplace Buyers provides to contact them, but we strongly recommend that you use the Seller Communication Centre. This service ensures mail is filtered for spam and possible phishing attempts, and we’ll maintain a copy of all correspondence which can be used to support any A-to-z Guarantee Claims submitted by you.
The Amazon Team
Amazon Europe S.C.A. (société en commandite par actions), partnership limited by shares, is a company registered in Luxembourg, Registration Number (RCS Luxembourg) B 153 265, with its corporate office at 5 Rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg. VAT Number LU 24448288. Amazon Payments Europe SCA is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier as an Electronic Money Issuer (licence number 36/10). Amazon Payments are trading names of Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A.”

@SellerEngines No, this is not a genuine message from Amazon.