Should I update with Amazon when appointing a new company director?

Hi everyone!

As recently Amazon requested to confirm the businesses operating in the UK a lot. My company is updating a new director who is based in the UK together with a non-UK resident existing director. It should be easy on the Companies House.

However, should I update on Amazon as well? I’m scared that I will unconsciously flag Amazon and cause some trouble. Or should I just leave it until Amazon asks for it?.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

Changing anything on Amz would trigger a new verification but if you have all the paper work ready then it should not be any problem.

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I have a few friends who just did this to get the vat thing fixed , but they only updated the company house and nothing on Amazon …

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And this is the reason why the rest of us who are trading honestly have to jump through hoops to prove we are genuine UK (or EU) sellers.

It’s also the reason why these laws were brought in. To catch dishonest sellers who will do anything to avoid paying taxes, like the rest of us.

Just saying!


Thanks @Muquadas for the advice. Even with all the papers I think I’m still not confident with Amazon, so It’s good to know that your friends only updated on the Companies House only and not on Amazon. I think I will do the same.

As @ecomwithumair advised, do not to make any changes until you have all the necessary documents ready. This is because most of the time, whenever you make any changes in specially the UK marketplace, it’ll open up a new Identity Verification, so it is a lot better to do it on the Company house UK only.