Shipping inventory into Amazon

My first time sending inventory to Amazon warehouse so bare with me here.

If I were to ship out 1 shipment of 5 boxes (All 5 boxes are same product, same SKU/ASIN), will I be provided with 5 shipping labels and 5 Amazon labels (For partnered Carrier) or am I expected to tape all 5 boxes together and only put 1 shipping label?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


When you get to Step 5. in the Workflow, you will will be provided labels for your 5 boxes. There will be two labels for each; 1) Shipping Label, and 2) Box Labels.

or am I expected to tape all 5 boxes together and only put 1 shipping label?

Yes. That’s part of the process, and it needs to be done correctly.

Send/replenish inventory: Prepare shipment to Amazon


When you ship out 5 boxes of the same product with the same SKU/ASIN, you’ll need to put a shipping label on each individual box. Each box should have its own unique shipping label. This helps ensure that your inventory is properly tracked and received at the Amazon warehouse.

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5 labels. Don’t tape boxes together as they can easy get torn apart.

Keep each box under 50lbs also.

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What happenes if it’s over?

Each label is equivalent to an ID card for each box, so they will issue you the corresponding label for each box.

Amazon will put warning and penalty sometimes will limit your access to make shipment, box size not more than 25 inches either side weight below 50 lbs units not more than 150 per box

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They can reject your shipment and/or suspend your FBA privileges.

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You will receive 5 shipping labels and 5 Amazon labels for 5 boxes, each with the same product and SKU/ASIN.

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One box per label. The labels will tell each quantity on it. I had 3 boxes of the same thing but 2 boxes quantity was 25 and the 3rd one was 12.