Shipping discrepancy


Im checking my Closed FBA shipments. If I understand correctly its a mistake on my side and Amazon already checked that and it seems I sent 12 pieces less ?

On other shipment there is a drop down menu there and I can proceed with a case.


Just go to that tab and submit the invoice alongside shipment details .

They’ll either refund against 12 units whatever their buying price or add them(12 units ) in your existing inventory.


That’s Amazon screwing you


It happens with me as well, no drop down menu for researching. Upon creating a case, they always say that they have already completed their investigation and cannot reimburse.

Open a case , provide all the infos and fight ur case

Email MD and contact them on twitter too

Open a case and submit invoice and proof of ownership. Keep fighting with them until they reimburse you

Its showing that you sent 12 items but they didnt receive any.

How much time they take to reimburse normally? Some of my inventory has been with them for two months but they keep changing the investigation date, for other I opened multiple cases but no use. For another product they do reimbursement every other week but I don’t see anything in the bank account, it’s just a message from them that Amazon did reimbursement of xxxxx item

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Yes, you can proceed with a case by selecting the drop-down menu option associated with the shipment in question.

Open case, submit invoice, proof of delivery (screenshot from the shipment’s tracking page is OK if Amazon Partnered Carrier).

As soon as they send the email to reimburse about 4-5 days after that . Not very long

I hope you can solve this issue. Never send your inventory directly to amazon ! Do not trust Amazon for prepping, thats a really bad idea.

Yes, thats what I thought, because on the other Shipment I got drop down menu where I can proceed with a case, but here they are saying the investigation is already done and its my mistake

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Yes, sometime it also happens when we do not create the case timely through the option.

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Let me give you an update : when there is no DROP DOWN menu next to the products mean that Amazon already checked the shipment and I don’t have an option to open a case.