Shipping costs killing our profits

Just started FBM right now and the shipping costs are killing our profit. Should we just switch to FBA? Or how do you keep your shipping costs down?

You would be moving from the frying pan into the skillet with that move.

IF and is say IF you had extremely high order volume FBA would be worth looking into.

Costs and losses associated with FBA are something that is not in the front of the equation. No really good answer without knowing all the facts, generally FBA would not be a good choice.

Many years ago we considered using amazon to ship product for all 3 of our sales channels. Glad they opened our eyes before everything was put in place. Now days, its best to run in the opposite direction.


Wait !!! Don’t switch to fba immediately, first do this.

  • open amazon revenue calculator for usa or uk or in which marker is your product is live, then put your ASIN there and enter the goods sold fee per unit and shipping fee, after that see if margins are at-least 22% then proceed with fba.

If your product dimensions and weight is light you will be charged low but if weight is low and dimensions exceed feeses will also exceed.


Thank you for the insight :grin:

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