Shipping books into Amazon for FBA


I’m an indie Author of a NEW book that I self-published. Had it printed in China & they are arriving at my home soon. I want to use seller central to ship them to AMZ for FBA.


-Are there any special labels I need to add on the boxes?

-Anyone have experience shipping books by Authors to AMZ?

-How long does it take to get to my book listing live on Amz once they are received?

  • Should I create a dummy listing first?

  • can I do AMZ FBA and FBM at same time?

  • how many books can I ship at a time?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hello @booksworthreading,

launching, shipping and packaging books doesn’t come with any specific conditions, The units should be labelled and prepped in the same way as other products. Follow the guinelines in Amazon Seller Central.

No, just FNSKU barcodes and box labels.

There are no specific rules applicable to books.

The receiving times differ based on Amazon’s availability.

No, creating dummy listings is never recommended.


This depends on your storage limits.


I shipped books to Amazon.

They were all brand new. We put them in close-fitting 2mil poly bags, and wrapped it tightly, and neatly around them.

The customers loved it.


Thank you so much for the guidance @Kika and @FunkyMonkey !

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